Our Services:

  • Construction and installation of Theatrical Scenery
    We deliver a professional finished product on any budget.
  • Prop Design and Construction
    Enhancing your performance with period furniture, silverware and more.
  • Technical Assistance
    We provide our team all the way from designing to closing your show.
  • Capital Improvements & New Construction
    Upgrade your space with safe and stylish stages, houses, facades, fire exits and more.
  • Theatrical Machinery & Special Effects
    Innovating magical atmospheres with fly systems, turn tables and more.
  • Metal Fabrication
    Sculptures, objects, decor, and public art.
  • Scenic Design
    Original and Imaginative designs by Andrei Onegin and Ray Toler.
    We will make it happen on a budget you can afford.

Shortly about Seagull Works:

Seagull Works is an independent design and construction company based in Chicago, IL, founded in 1999.

Our skilled team of theatre professionals has over 30 years of experience in designing, engineering and fabricating scenery, stages, stage machinery, special effects, lobbies, facades, metals, masonry, and renovation.

Our work has been featured at international and legendary theatres such as La Comédie-Française, Kabuki, and The Moscow Art Theatre. Previous clients also include the city of Jerusalem.

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